WP Remote vs Infinite WP: 40+ Feature Comparisons

As a WordPress site owner, managing multiple websites can be a daunting task. That’s why I decided to compare two popular WordPress site management tools: WP Remote and Infinite WP. In this blog post, I will share my experience after comparing 40 features of these two tools. So if you’re looking for an efficient way to manage your WordPress sites, keep reading to see which tool comes out on top.

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What is WP Remote ?

WP Remote Dashboard

WP Remote is a powerful WordPress management tool that allows you to manage multiple WordPress sites from a single dashboard. With WP Remote, you can easily update plugins, themes, and WordPress core across all your sites with just a few clicks. You can also monitor your site’s uptime, performance, and security, and receive alerts if anything goes wrong. WP Remote makes it easy to manage backups, restore your site, and even clone your site to a new location. Whether you’re managing a single site or dozens of sites, WP Remote is a must-have tool for any WordPress website owner.

What is Infinite WP ?

Infinite WP Dashboard

Infinite WP is a powerful WordPress management tool that allows users to manage multiple WordPress sites from one central location. This tool is incredibly useful for bloggers, web developers, and anyone who manages multiple WordPress sites. With Infinite WP, you can perform updates, backups, and security checks on all your sites with just a few clicks. This tool also allows you to monitor your site’s performance and receive notifications if anything goes wrong. Overall, Infinite WP is an essential tool for anyone who wants to streamline their WordPress management process and ensure their sites are always up-to-date and secure.

Comparison Table Between WP Remote vs Infinite WP: 40+ Feature Comparisons

WP RemoteInfinite WP
Website Management:
WordPress UpdatesYesYes
Bulk Plugin & Theme UpdatesYesYes
Manage CommentsYes
Staging WebsiteYesYes
Website BackupsYesYes
Bulk PostingYes
Code SnippetsYes
Bulk Edit Pages & PostsYes
Bulk Plugin & Theme Installation
Maintenance ModeYes
Client ReportingYesYes
Team CollaborationYesYes
Theme & Plugin Template
Integration with Popular WordPress PluginsYes
1-Click Admin LoginYesYes
Client Dashboard
Safe UpdatesYes
Local Sync
Activity LoggingYes
2 Factor AuthenticationYesYes
Malware ScanningYesYes
Vulnerability CheckerYesYes
Google Safe BrowsingYesYes
PHP Error Monitoring
GDPR ComplianceYesYes
Google Analytics IntegrationYes
Google Search Console IntegrationYes
Link MonitoringYes
SEO Ranking
Uptime MonitoringYesYes
Database Optimizations
Web Vitals MonitoringYesYes
USPs (Misc):
Domain Monitoring
Premium SupportYesYes
Plugin Database Updater
Client billing management
Live Chat Support to Clients
Slack integration
Free VersionYes/ Unlimited Sites
Lowest Plan29/mo 1 Website$147/yr 10 websites
Highest Plan$9999/year 100 Website$647/yr Unlimited Sites
Get WP RemoteGet Infinite WP

I have compared all the popular Best 8 WordPress Management Tools and created a comprehensive comparison table which includes – ManageWP vs MainWP vs WP Umbrella vs Infinite WP vs WPMU Dev HUB vs iThemes Sync vs Updraft Central vs WP Remote to help you make an informed decision. 

Buyer’s Guide: Which WordPress Management Tool Should you Choose between WP Remote and Infinite WP?

If you’re trying to decide between WP Remote and Infinite WP for managing your WordPress site, there are a few factors to consider. First, WP Remote is a cloud-based solution that offers a user-friendly interface and a range of features for managing multiple WordPress sites from a single dashboard. It also has some useful automation tools, such as automatic updates and backups, that can save you time and effort. On the other hand, Infinite WP is a self-hosted solution that gives you more control over your site management. It also offers a range of plugins and add-ons that can extend its functionality, such as a client reporting tool and a malware scanner. Ultimately, the choice between these two tools will depend on your specific needs and preferences. If you’re looking for a simple, cloud-based solution with useful automation features, WP Remote may be the better choice. But if you want more control over your site management and are willing to set up a self-hosted solution, Infinite WP may be the better option. So, to summarize, if you’re looking for a cloud-based solution with a user-friendly interface and automation features, WP Remote is a great choice. But if you want more control over your site management and are willing to set up a self-hosted solution, Infinite WP may be the better option.

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